The writers of this blog are all learners. They share their views about what they have learned and the process of learning too.

Learning is not confined to books or courses you take. Happenings in everyday life can serve as learning points for us. We share and we hope to entertain our readers.

A person picks up a lot more than what he/she has envisaged when learning. But you will not notice this at the particular learning moment. On reflection, you tend to be able to recollect more than just the subject matter that you were learning.

The main writer of this blog is Dr. Yong Neng Chow who also uses the moniker of “Plantcloner” in a column he had written for the business weekly, Focus Malaysia. Guest writers will also be featured periodically. All the views expressed by the writers in this blog remains the personal opinion of the respective writers and do not in any way reflect the organizations in which they are employed or associated with.

Dr. Chow has over 2 decades of service in the education and training field. His last position was as the CEO of  Penang Han Chiang College, where he worked frantically for two years to register this institution as a university college as approved by the authorities. Currently Dr. Chow serves as the Principal Consultant for MyGreenCircle, a business set up to provide consultancy services on education management, agro-technology and other business services to clients.

Trained as a plant tissue culturist at The Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, Dr. Chow has significant experience as commercial plant scientist. He taught classes in introductory plant tissue culture and has put up an e-learning course on Moodle (username: guest88 ; password: guest88) for his students which is freely accessible to anyone interested to learn about plant tissue culture.