We Have Moved!

To all followers and visitors of theplantcloner.com (now theplantcloner.wordpress.com), a big thank you for your kind support since the start of our blog.

However, we have decided to move the hosting of this blog to another site. The new home for this blog is: http://slc4u.org/learning   . All the content in theplantcloner.com have been moved to this new site. We have set all the blog posts on theplantcloner.wordpress.com (which is the domain you are reading this on) to “private” and concentrate our efforts on the new site.

Hence, no further blog posts will be published on theplantcloner.wordpress.com or theplantcloner.com. All traffic to the domain of theplantcloner.com has alredy been redirected to slc4u.org/learning/ . But, since we have over 100 blog posts, it is not practical for us to redirect each and every post to the new site. Thus if you have searched for one of our posts in vain and landed on this page, we do apologize and urge that you visit http://slc4u.org/learning where all the blog posts have been re-published and easily found via the Search form. All you need is a couple of keywords or part of the blog post’s title.

When you visit http://slc4u.org/learning a pop-up box will provide you with a way to search for the article (previously published on theplantcloner.com that you are interested in).

Screenshot from 2018-04-05 11:31:42

The self-hosting allows us to add more features to our site than it is permitted under the current hosting by WordPress.com. We apologize to our subscribers for this change and hope that you do not mind subscribing to our new site.

Thanks for your support! And we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused and please do bear with us!